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    Into the Wild      

Circus & Clown Street Show

Pina started her solo career  in 2014 with "Into the wild Show " which is a combination of her wild soul from the East and the rock & roll style from the West. In this show she tells a story of a character who wants to shock but also be loved. 

    Donna Quixota     

Theater Clown & Circus Show

Niewinna mina

It's a spectacle about fantasy and poetry. About the world of paper books which is so old-fashion right now that will soon disappear completely. Pina creates within her little book store an unique way of communication with her heros and make us dream with her.

    The Revenge of  Bat Lady          

Clown Theater Show

The idea comes from Pina's desire to become an outsider character, who can speak about things which matters. She wanted to find a laughter in a black comedy and talk about the environmental problems of our current life through the mouth of the clown. 

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