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  The Revenge of  
     BAT LADY    

It is a surreal theater, where the art of clowning

meets black humor and poetry. It refers to not

only geopolitical situation of our daily news but

also in a funny way makes audience aware

of the life of bats and contemporary

enviromental problems. 


The Revenge of Bat Lady is the story of a

romantic bat from an abandoned attic of

a big city that never sleeps. She starts to

suffer hunger. The food is not there and when

it appears, it is poisonous, full of chemistry.

In a surge of desperation, she tries everything to survive...

Cast: Pina Polar

Authors: Pina Polar and Ferruccio Cainero

Directed by: Ferruccio Cainero

Scenography: Jorge Costa

Costumes: Rosa Maria Cruz, academia do Teatro Tin.Bra and J. Sakowicz

Light design: Francisco Machado and Rui Costa

Sound design: Joanna Sakowicz

Assistance: Krzysztof Maciejczak

Production: Povoa de Lanhoso Municipality, Portugal

Age classification: M/12

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