The Revenge of BAT LADY  



It is a surreal theater, where the art of clowning meets black comedy and poetry. It refers to not only geopolitical situation of our daily news but also in a funny way makes audience aware of the life of bats and contemporary enviromental problems. 

Directing work is in progress with amazing Ferruccio Cainero ( The Regisseur of Gardi Hutter "Giovanna d'ArpPo" and Pepa Plana "Paradís Pintat"). 

Premiere is in 2021. 

The Revenge of Bat Lady is the story of a romantic bat from an abandoned attic of a big city that never sleeps. She starts to suffer hunger. The food is not there and when it appears, it is poisonous, full of chemistry. In a surge of desperation, she finds the book of "Dracula" and decides to take revenge on the human race by turning into a vampire. However, her attempts at committing a crime are clunky and backbreaking. The last chance is a cruelty free solution to survive. Will she find it?

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