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Born in the very east of Poland. During her intellectual adventures on the faculty of philosophy, she discovered circus art which became her complete passion. Always interested in the body work through the art of pantomime, dance theater, puppet theater she arrived to the clown universe in 2010 in Berlin and since then she performs on stages, busks, makes walkabouts, travels from festival to festival, keeps creating and trying to make the world a better place. 


- master classes with Gardi Hutter (2022), Nola Rae (2023), Hilary Chaplain (Portugal, 2021),

Karla Concá  (Portugal, 2019), Angela de Castro (London, 2016), Michel Dallaire ( France, 2015), 

Aitor Basauri Spy Monkey, Christine Rossignol (2011/2013)

- directing work with Ferruccio Cainero on the show "The Revenge of Bat Lady" (2019-2021)
- directing work with Aitor Basauri on the show "Donna Quixota" (2017),

- residence in Conflux Street Theater Circus Organisation in Glasgow, creation work (Feb-Jul 2016)

- residence in Hangar des Mines, France (2011/2012);

- directing work with Emmanuel Sembely (2012/2013)

- curses in Clown Academy Berlin (2012/2013)



Pina went to study circus arts in Escola National de Circo in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (2014). She did intensive circus workshops in Espace Catastrophe in Bruxelle, Belgium (2009), escola de Circ Rogelio Rivel, Barcelona, Spain (2009/2010). Pina trained regularly  in Glasgow Circus Space (2015-2018) and in Berlin Open Circus Spaces (2010-2014)


- Mask theater with Flöz Sommer Akademie (2019)
- Mask Wworkshop in Physical Theater School Absurda Comica in Berlin (2017)

- Polish Mime Theaters in Warszawa and Wrocław (2007-2010);

- classes in Berlin Mime Center (2010-2014)


- Singing workshop with Laboratorium Pieśni / Song Laboratory (2019)


- movement workshop, dance with elements and Alexander Technique with Valentina Bordenave (during Flöz Sommer Akademie 2019)

- TAP DANCE online school with  Rod Howell (2018)


   - Pina works as a solo performer from 2014

    - ZIRKUS SPONTANELLI (2012-2014)

    - THEATER WOHLGESTALT (2013-2014)

    - LEER VACUUM (2012-2014)

    - CONTRA CHAOS (2010-2012)

    - and many solo numbers on stages and streets in Europe, Central and South America




 PINA POLAR artistic CV 

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